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What is Rich Glory Coin?

A Security Debt Tokenization

Fund raising of the oil field in Dagang Kongnan Block to increase the oil production capacity


Rich Glory Coin, a digital asset, that is backed by secured loan asset, with 3 years’ maturity shall bear fixed 4.5% p.a. interest coupon payable quarterly with potential additional return calculated based on 10% of the positive percentage difference of the 3-month average price of BRENT crude oil spot price between the Drawdown Date and the Maturity Date payable at maturity.

Lead Consultant & Global Coordinator
Project Facilitator
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Background of Pan-China Resources Ltd

  • In 1997, Pan-China Resources Ltd (PCR) signed a 100% production sharing contract with PetroChina with a maximum term of 30 years.
  • PCR was designated as the contractor and operator to develop the Dagang Kongnan Block area.
  • Kongnan Block is in southern part of Bohai Bay Basin and is approximately 100 km south of Tianjin metropolis.
  • The product sharing contract is currently covering 3 areas and the Kongnan Block currently includes three sub block areas, which are Xixiepo (15.5 km2), Xiaoji (1.04  km2)  and  Duannan  (14.75  km2)  with  a  combined  total  area  of  31.29 km2.
  • With the steady production, Kongnan Block is less risky than oil fields in exploration stage. Hence with investments, growth of production is expected.
  • Summary of PCR’s Oil Reserves in Kongnan Block as of March 31, 2019
Oil Reserves Proven Proven +Probable Proven +Probable +Possible
Gross Field (kbbl) 4.82 8.06 11.67
PCR’s Net Entitlement (kbbl) 3.33 5.43 7.63

Production Summary

  • PCR has drilled 70 wells in Kongnan Block. The depth of reservoirs are around 2500-3000 meters, as of April 30, 2020
  • The project has 72 oil production wells, 12 water injection wells.
  • From Jan to May 2020, The cumulative oil production for Kongnan is 210,069 bbl.
2018 2019 2020, Jan-May
Gross Field (kbbl) 1,414 1,626 1,203
PCR’s Net Entitlement (kbbl) 953 1,315 983
The estimated oil reserves, on a gross basis:
Proved Reserves: 4.18MMbbl
Proved +Probable Reserves: 7.22MMbbl
Gross Possible Reserves are 3.67MMbbl
The average ultimate recovery factors for the Kongnan project November 2027:
Proved forecasts: 14.79%
Proved + Probable forecasts: 14.14%

UNIWE International Energy Limited has estimated the Market Value of PCR’s oil assets is between 

US$43 million and US$47 million.

Oil Sales

  • PCR has drilled 70 wells in Kongnan Block. The depth of reservoirs are around 2500-3000 meters, as of April 30, 2020.
  • PCR has drilled 70 wells in Kongnan Block. The depth of reservoirs are around 2500-3000 meters, as of April 30, 2020.
  • From Jan to May 2020, The cumulative oil production for Kongnan is 210,069 bbl.
Annual sales price (US/bbl) 54.17 71.34 64.26 44.97

Produced oil from Kongnan is being gathered in oil tanks placed at each oil producer well site, and each well has one or a pair of oil gathering tanks.

At that point, oil is passed through a flow meter and enters Dagang Oil Field joint gathering station.

The central processing facility of the Dagang Oil Field which is operated by PetroChina, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

Kongnan Annual oil Sales Production Forecast (Gross Basis)

Kongnan Annual Oil Sales Production Forecast (Gross Basis) (Bbl)
Proved + Probable
2020 653,098 21,624 16,320 674,722
2021 711,648 206,694 200,374 918,342
2022 712,788 539,682 575,183 1,252,470
2023 611,621 612,426 795,832 1,224,047

Base Price Forecasts as of December 31,2019

The international benchmark Brent crude oil price averaged US$64/bbl in 2019

  • Annual daily low: US$55/bbl in early January 2019
  • Annual daily high: US$75/bbl in late April 2019
  • Annual fluctuation range of US$20/bbl
Year Brent Oil Price by Sproule (US$/bbl) Brent Oil Price by Ryder Scott (US$/bbl) Brent Oil Price by UNIWE (US$/bbl) Oil sales Price Forecast for Kongnan Block (US$/bbl)
2020 65.00 67.20 60.00 53.08
2021 68.00 70.56 63.00 55.94
2022 70.00 72.60 65.00 57.80
2023 71.40 73.44 66.30 58.96
2024 72.83 74.20 67.63 60.13
2025 74.28 75.60 68.98 61.34
2026 75.77 78.23 70.36 62.56
2027 77.29 79.80 71.77 63.82


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